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Comment installer Duik Bassel sur After Effect ? - Mac et PC. Dans ce tuto, je te montre comment installer Duik Bassel sur After Effect que tu sois sur Mac ou PC. 1 - Installation de Duik Bassel sur Mac. Pour installer Duik sur Mac, il faut tout d'abord télécharger le dossier « Duik Bassel » sur ce lien Download DUIK: http://voltagetutorials.com/duik2020/ Subscribe Channel: https://goo.gl/ZWXER1 Donate me: https://www.patreon.com/voltagetutorials -----.. Today we are going to learn how to install Duik Character rigging tool for After Effcts cc: Go to rainboxprod website (https://rainboxprod.coop/en/tools/duik.. Download Duik Bassel. This is a free and open source software released under the GNU General Public License v3 - read more about this license here. In memory of Bassel Khartabil Safadi. Support us! Our tools are free, as in free beer as well as in freedom. But unlike most of the free stuff you can find on the internet, there's no advertising at all, and you are not the product here. We. Duik Bassel is a free software. To install Duik Bassel, just unzip the files to the ScriptUI Panels of After Effects (Tested and working on CS6 and newer.

Mac OS: Holding the [Option] and [Shift] keys, drag and drop the file Duik Bassel.jsx onto the project panel Duik Bassel.2 Duik is a comprehensive animation and rigging toolset for Adobe After Effects. It provides the main rigging tools , found in any 3D software, like IK, controllers, and bones, but adapts them to 2D animation in After Effects Installer DUIK (extraire le dossier, ouvrir le UI panel du logiciel et copier/coller le script, redémarrer ensuite le logiciel AE), S'il n'est pas présent dans les options, aller le chercher dans Fenêtre, puis tout en bas « Duik Bassel.jsx », Configurer les options du script DUIK et passer du mode rookie (Débutant) à standard

Installation 1 - Download Duik from the official website. 2 - Unzip the files you have downloaded.. You'll find several folders and files. README.txt contains a lot of information to help you get started with Duik.; The Help folder contains this help pages. Double click on the file index.html to open it.; The Tools folder contains some tools for other third-party software, like a script to. If Duik Bassel don't run on CC2015, you can try an older version of Duik. The key functionality didn't change from older Duik to Bassel, but the way you create the structure. It used to incluce more clicking and you have to be aware in what order you select the layers. You need to watch a tutorial, the process was not self-explaining Click on the download button under the video which takes you to step 3. On the download page, select your operating system and download the file. Duik no loger has an installer, so you must do it manually. It's easy, just expand the zip file and drop the files in the ScriptsUI Panels folder Une fois téléchargé et installer, on peut rentrer dans le sérieux ! Il faut que tu cliques sur « Humanoïde » dans l'interface de Duik Bassel. Ça va créer un squelette humain qu'il faudra ensuite réajuster à ton personnage pour que chaque partie de l'humanoïde colle parfaitement avec les différents membres de ton personnage For Duik plugin panel go to Window menu of the Menu bar of this software and click on Duik Bassel option in the drop-down list. If you have not Duik plugin on your personal computer then download it from the internet. As it is an open-source program so it is free for all. Step 13: A Duik setting box will be open

Learn and Master Rigging and Animation in After Effects with Duik Bassel: Character rigging for human and animals; Walk cycling; Face Rigging; Puppet pin rig and walk cycle; The best tips and Trick for Animation; Who is the target audience? Beginner to Advanced Character Rigging & Animation in the After Effects ; Crated By Reza Zare Duration 1h 38m. Size: 367 MB. Download Now. https://www. Duik Bassel Series. What is a Duik Bassel & why do I need one? Find, download, & install Duik Bassel; Stickman, part 1: Basic rig using structures; Stickman, part 2: Tweaking the Stickman rig; Modifying Stickman, part 1: Rigging a head turn; Modifying Stickman, part 2: Time remapping foot animatio Duik Bassel is so simple to install, it does not need an installer any more. Read the installation instructions. The Duik 15 installer included Dugr too, where can I find it now? Dugr is available on the Rainbox website

The official course about Duik Bassel is available here! Some tools used here have completely changed and can even be obsoletes, even if the process can be applied to all versions and even to any rigging software. Animation. This is the English translation of the first official rigging tutorials with After Effects, using Duik 15. Many thanks to Pascal Miller for translating and dubbing all. I've downloaded and install Duik in my Application > Scripts folder and tried Applications > Scripts > Scripts UI folder. I put the Duik Bassel.jsx and ffmpeg in these folders and tried without the ffmpeg. The adobe app and the computer has been restarted. I can't figure out why I keep getting the Unable to execute script at line 9413. Invalid. In this Official Character Rigging course with Duik Bassel video course . All essential rigging techniques are shown here. But you have to be aware that rigging and animating characters is a complex process, and you will need a lot of time and experience to achieve a good level. These tutorials aim to teach you solid bases to quickly animate your first characters. You should learn to setup.

Download and Install DUIK Basssel 2 ( 2020 Update Version

28 juil. 2019 - Nouvelle vidéo ! Je te montre comment installer Duik Bassel sur After Effect que tu sois sur Mac ou PC. Duik est le plugin par excellence pour l'animation de personnage sur After Effect. Si tu fais du motion design et de l'animation de personnage mais que tu ne connais pas Duik Bassel, je t'invite à l'essayer immédiatement Note : Attention, cette formation utilise une version précédente de Duik, la 15, alors que la dernière version est Duik Bassel, la 16 ! La formation complète à Duik Bassel est disponible ici, en anglais. Plusieurs des outils utilisés ont complètement changé ou sont obsolètes, même si les méthodes et les raisonnements sont applicables à toutes les versions et même tous les. Find, Download, and Install Duik Bassel. from Jared Mark Graham Plus . 2 years ago. This is an update for the new Duik Bassel tool kit by Nicolas Dufresne, also known as Duduf. The content is all in the title. I'll be working on updating and uploading tutorials for this new version. Meanwhile, I encourage you to download it and explore, it won't erase your old version of Duik (although I would. Duik 15.5 is available! A new version of Duik is available, including the first of the long awaited import/export tools. Download Duik here! Better User Interface. We've updated the User Interface, for a better compatibility and appearance, both with older versions of After Effects (especially CS4) and on the latest version, CC2017.2 Duik 16 s'appellera Duik Bassel. Pourquoi Bassel? Bassel a été choisi d'après Bassel Khartabil Safadi. Nous voulions utiliser cette opportunité pour dire quelque chose, pour choisir un nom avec beaucoup de sens. Bassel Khartabil Safadi était un développeur Syrien. Il était très investi dans la promotion et le développement de logiciels libres, et a contribué (entre autres) à.

Il vous suffira de double cliquer... d'accepter et il va installer automatiquement DUIK point After Effect CC. Vous pouvez aussi prendre Dugr qui est un petit script associé, vous l'installez et il vous dit qu'il a été installé avec succès. Il suffit de fermer et vous pouvez désormais supprimer votre Entraînez-vous tout en suivant la formation avec les fichiers d'exercices. Lire la suite Comment installer Duik Bassel sur After Effect ? - Mac et PC. Maintenant, tu vas pouvoir créer ton animation. Pour ça, il faut que tu crées 2 images clés sur la position et le point ciblé de ta caméra. Puis déplacer ton curseur à 5 sec par exemple et enfin faire bouger ta caméra grâce aux outils. Voilà, tu sais désormais comment créer et animer une caméra sur After. 2D, Animation, Clips, Duik. Bave Circus. 3D, Animation, Courts-métrages, Fiction. Précédent Suivant. Nos productions Nos prestations En savoir plus. Coopérative de production audiovisuelle. La forme coopérative nous permet de montrer une autre organisation possible de l'entreprise et du travail, où l'émancipation, la démocratie, l'épanouissement, la solidarité et le partage sont au. MAIS impossible de désinstaller Duik Bassel 2 v16.2.8: ce qui est bien pratique pour installer Duik en entreprises ou dans les écoles. Top. Cédric Posts: 2 Joined: Thu Mar 26, 2020 5:48 pm. Re: Duik Bassel 2, problèmes désinstallation. Post by Cédric » Fri Mar 27, 2020 9:06 am Argl... Pour la désinstallation je me doutais d'un truc dans le genre. Merci ! J'ai viré le script et.

How to Install Duik rigging tool in after effects cc 2019

  1. Duik Bassel won't have any secrets for you anymore, and this would be a great support to the future development of Duik! This guide is available in English, and you can buy it in black and white or in colors depending on your budget. Enjoy! This is the second edition of the user guide which includes all new features of Duik Bassel.2
  2. Comment installer Duik Bassel sur After Effect? Mac et PC. Dans ce tuto, je te montre comment installer Duik Bassel sur After Effect que tu sois sur Mac ou PC. Installation de Duik Bassel sur Mac. Pour installer Duik sur Mac, il faut tout d'abord télécharger le dossier Duik Bassel sur ce lien Directement intégré à After Effects, cet outil est accessible en permanence et n'a pas besoin d.
  3. Download after effects tools help and support donate welcome to duik bassel! this new version of duik is the biggest script i have ever developped for after effects, and i believe it i toggle navigation. Its a very good plugin for animation or rigging a character in after effects and its very simple to install. how to install duik plugin in after effects wide angle studio. duik 16 (bassel.

After the first and second updates of Duik Bassel, here comes the third! The two first ones where developed voluntarily by Duduf, this one will be much bigger. Let's crowdfund it! Open DuME. v0.0.8-Alpha | May 3, 2020 May 21, 2020 Alpha Crowdfunding Tools. Developped by: Duduf. License: GNU General Public License v3. After Effects App Blender Encoding Pipeline Rendering. Source code. Developping the new version of the essential tool set for rigging and animation on After Effects. | Check out 'Duik 16, a free animation software' on Indiegogo Duik Bassel Official Tutorials. August 14, 2019 December 13, 2019 Duik Tutorials Support Tutorials. Grab the user guide, keep it at hand, and go watch tutorials to quickly learn Duik! Open Dugr. v3.0.2 / 4.0 in development | July 16, 2018 December 24, 2019 Released Tools. Developped by: Duduf. License: GNU General Public License v3. After Effects Animation Compositing Rigging. Source code. Forum rules Please read these rules and advices before posting. Before you ask any question about a tool, to avoid duplicates, please: Search for a solution in the available documentation for the tools.; Some video tutorials and quicktips are available.; You can make a search to see if your question has already been asked.; Thank you for giving a detailed and precise title to your topics, to. Find, download, & install Duik Bassel. Y ou can choose between two methods to learn how to find, download, and install Duik Bassel. The first is a written set of 5 easy steps, and the second is a 3 and 1 half minute video walking you through the process. Use either one to get this essential, yet free, tool for After Effects. Rigging Stickman Using Duik Bassel. Read me Stickman, part 1.

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  1. duik bassel after effects tutorial duik 강좌 how to install duik in after effects duik animation tutorial after effects character animation workflow rig character after effects rigging in after effects.
  2. Duik Bassel. Inverse kinematics (IK), rigging tools, animation tools version: 16.0.12. Duduf Groups. Layer groups. Version: 3.02. Duduf FX Manager. Effects management in projects. Version: 1.1. On demand. If you have special needs, we can develop personalized tools too, on the need, whatever budget you have. Other older tools developped by Duduf are still available on duduf.net, but there.
  3. Duik_15.5_installer.dmg 24.5 MB. Duik_15.5_installer.exe 23.8 MB. Duik_15.5_quiet_installer.exe 23.8 MB. Source code (zip) Source code (tar.gz) v15.2; d68f1e4; Compare. Choose a tag to compare. Search for a tag. 15.2. v15.2; d68f1e4; Compare. Choose a tag to compare . Search for a tag. Nico-Duduf released this Apr 4, 2017 · 356 commits to master since this release New translations: Español.
  4. Duik Bassel is full of helpful features that make it easier than ever to animate characters in After Effects. An example of Duik in-action from Rainbox. To help get you up to speed with Duik Bassel I've created a video tutorial all about using this incredible tool
  5. Install Duik Bassel for Free: In this video, I'll show you how to quickly Install Duik Bassel, which we're going to use to rig the character in this tutorial. Now I've already downloaded the package. Here's my Duik Bassel folder. There's many folders inside it. So the only thing we need is in inside the ScriptUI panels, this.jsx file. Copy that. If you are using a Mac computer, just go to.
  6. The latest information, tutorials, and spotlighted posts on donQmedia. The website offers tutorials and information about digital character animation with a focus on After Effects and the free Duik Bassel tool kit. It also offers tutorials and information in writing expression for After Effects
  7. Dans ce tuto motion design FR, je vais te montrer comment créer une intro en motion design sur les logiciels Illustrator et After Effect. 1 - L'illustration sur Illustrator Dans un premier, ce qui est important pour une intro en animation 2D, c'est de créer l'illustration 2D

Impossible de lancer Duik Bassel. Post by Rickev » Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:55 pm Bonjour, Lors de la sortie de Duik Bassel, j'ai pu l'installer et travailler avec sur After effects CC2018 avec grand plaisir ! Mais après la mise à jour vers after effects CC2019, le lancement de Duik Bassel me renvoie toujours la même erreur : impossible d'exécuter le script à la ligne 1. Uncaught JavaScript. Duik. Rigging and animation toolset for After Effects. Important Notice. As of february 2018 and the 16th version of Duik the project has been merged to DuAEF - The Duduf After Effects Framework This repository contains only older files concerning Duik 15 (and previous versions), and may eventually be deleted.. User Stock . Browse and buy exceptional, royalty-free stock clips, handpicked by the best

Duik Bassel Series. What is a Duik Bassel & why do I need one? Find, download, & install Duik Bassel; Stickman, part 1: Basic rig using structures; Stickman, part 2: Tweaking the Stickman rig; Modifying Stickman, part 1: Rigging a head turn; Modifying Stickman, part 2: Time remapping foot animation; Modifying Stickman, part 3: Rigging limb joints for body rotation ; Modifying Stickman, part 4. ZXP Installer; Discussion Forums; Knowledge Base; Contact; Home / Learn / Tagged with Duik Search: Search. Inspiration Ashford - #TenacityMade Posted in Animation After Effects Design Inspiration by aescripts + aeplugins on March 13, 2020 Made with Wayfinder, Quick Menu, Labels, EaseCopy, Prism, and more by YellowLab. Includes behind the scenes. Read More. 0 Comments. Inspiration My Daughter.

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03 Install Duik Bassel. School of Motion - Rigging Academy 2.0 > 03 Install Duik Bassel. Chapter 01 Rigging for Rookies; 1 - 01 Rigging 101; 2 - 02 Rigging_Terminology; 3 - 03 Install Duik Bassel; Chapter 02 Character Construction 01 Construct Your Characters; 4 - 01 Prepping Your Character; 5 - 02 Character Design for Rigging ; 6 - 03 Illustrator and Photoshop Primer; 7 - 04 Circular. در آپارات وارد شوید تا ویدیوهای و کانال‌های بهتری بر اساس سلیقه شما پیشنهاد شود وارد شوی

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after install basel theme and download dummy data the theme still not like your demo my theme missing icons in menus, menus and theme options i am using Fashion Store also i need to change the 3 promo banner with 1 slider. thanks . Private Content Hidden. June 29, 2016 at 1:23 pm #1636. eslam.a.elftoh@gmail.com. Customer . more info. Private Content Hidden. June 29, 2016 at 4:44 pm #1644. The course explains Duik Bassel almost from A to Z. Thank you very much, the course was excellent. A++++ Duik Bassel: The goal of Duik is to make the life of animators (and riggers) easier. The priority was to make Duik as easy to learn as possible, while keeping it very quick to use. The other important goal was to make the interface as small as possible, so it won't take much place in the. This is a tutorial on how to downloadl Duik Bassel as a plug in and instal in After Effects CC Download Link: http://bit.ly/Duik-Plugin sourc

DUIK is quite a lot faster to render but harder to set up (although it's not that difficult). It's more powerful so with some practice you can do a lot with it. Rubber Hose gives good results and is simple to use, but I found it to be quite slow (I am still on CS6 and a 4 year old computer, which might explain the slowness though) With experience of both, I'd probably use DUIK over Rubber Hose. Après avoir appris à préparer ses personnages pour l'animation, il est temps d'apprendre à les faire bouger. Et même mieux, leur donner une âme, les animer ! Je partage dans cette formation vidéo très complète, mon expérience d'animateur et concepteur de personnages. Vous apprendrez les raisonnements à tenir avant d'animer, les astuces concrètes et techniques pour, dans un premier.

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  1. در این مطلب آموزش نصب Duik در افتر افکت را ارائه خواهیم داد . در ابتدا می توانید نسخه مورد نیاز خود را از طریق لینک های زیر دانلود کنید . دانلود از سایت منبع . بعد از دانلود نسخه مورد نظر خود از طریق ویدیو زیر می توانید براحتی.
  2. Come for help, be inspired. The Adobe Support Community is the place to ask questions, find answers, learn from experts and share your knowledge. We have everything t
  3. Dans ce tuto motion design en français, je te montre pas à pas comment créer une animation de grain avec After Effect. 1 - Avoir une illustration Bien sur, c'est mieux d'ajouter du grain sur une ilustration et pas un Lire la suit
  4. Duik Bassel introduces an entirely new way of rigging characters in After Effects through its structures system. Structures allow you to build a character rig independently from the character artwork, which is a much more efficient and flexible way to rig. The great thing about this technique is that it isn't limited to any design style. You could create a flat vector character in Illustrator.
  5. The technique I used, Duik in After Effects, seems to be one of the easiest way to do this, animate illustrations, without having to adapt the style. What's great with animation in After Effects, is that you work on the actual illustrations, you don't have to re-draw them. This means they can be very detailed, with textures, shadows and small details, which would be impossible if you had.

Duik Bassel.2 Documentation v16.2.15. Docs » Introduction » User License; Edit on Duik-Docs; User Licence. The Duduf After Effects Framework, which includes Duik, is free software released under the GNU-General Public License v3. This license guarantees you four freedoms: The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose, The freedom to study how the program works, and change it. Duik Bassel Tutorial Part 10 of 30 |Face Rigging,Blinking,Lips Syncing|After Effects,Motion Graphics. نتایجی از دیگر سایت ها:How To Install Duik Plugin In After Effects - YouTubeHow To ☻ فیلم . 0 69 0 6 ماه پیش. ویدئو. 0. Duik Bassel Tutorial Part 9 of 30 | Controller Basic | After Effects,Motion Graphics. نتایجی از دیگر سایت ها:Car-Part.com. Character Rigging with DUIK Bassel - Jake Bartlett : Hey Jake! Thank you so much for this tutorial! It helps a lot! Nevertheless I have some issues. I'm trying to build the RED Rig without the puppettool. Character Swing Rigging | After Effects tutorial. Hello! In this video I'm going to show you my method of setting up swinging hair using Character Swing Rigging in After Effects! SAY HI. DUIK BASSEL - Character Use Computer Animation in After Effects. youtu.be/u3cu9l... 0 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best. View discussions in 7 other communities . no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! View entire discussion ( 0 comments) More posts from the creativecloud community. 15. Posted by. Download Tutorial Duik 16 (Bassel) Rigging _ Animation - Beginner to Advanced - After Effects CC 2018. If you wanna to be great in the 2D animation, this course will be useful for you. Learn and Master Rigging and Animation in After Effects with free Duik Bassel plug-in

Re: Duik Bassel - Flip a Structure/Rig Post by Duduf » Thu Apr 11, 2019 8:15 am With Duik Bassel, it is better to use structures to rig the character, it should fix your issues Using DUIK Bassel, you can adjust your puppet without affecting the underlying rig, even after you've rigged everything. Needless to say that this new revelation will make it easier to make changes and fixes to assets. Duik bassel is the long awaited update to duik a free character animation tool for after effects. How to rig a character in after effects character rigging in adobe after effects. Top image via jenny leclue while i would never recommend that working character animators use after effects exclusively there are a few tools that make animating in after effects much easier

Comment animer un personnage sur After Effects avec DUIK

  1. Create a Professional Facial Rig with Duik Bassel Script in After effects | By Motion Graphics Artist Arun S
  2. Seems as though magic doesn't happen in the newest updated version of duik. Was creating an arm rig and hit Auto-rig & IK. It never rigged
  3. Duik Bassel Tutorial Part 10 of 30 |Face Rigging,Blinking,Lips Syncing|After Effects,Motion Graphics. نتایجی از دیگر سایت ها:How To Install Duik Plugin In After Effects - YouTubeHow To ☻ فیلم . 0 0 0 7 ماه پیش. ویدئو. 0. Duik Bassel Tutorial Part 9 of 30 | Controller Basic | After Effects,Motion Graphics. نتایجی از دیگر سایت ها:Car-Part.com.
  4. istrateur et vous permettent ainsi de donner le relais à une tierce personne pour les enrichissements à venir. Ces systèmes sont complètement customisables via les CSS (feuilles de styles web) et apportent.
  5. Home VIDEO TUTORIAL Download and Install Duik Plugin In Adobe After Effects | Duik Plugin Download - Updated 2019 Choyon's Motion March 10, 2019 Duik Bassel is a free software. Download File [XSAnime. Je vous ai préparé dans cet article une sélection de 8 scripts After Effects gratuits ou « Fixez votre propre prix » qui vous aideront à améliorer votre workflow et à créer des effets.
  6. Apr 13, 2015 - This video explains step-by-step how to sync multiple video and sound clips using PluralEyes and Adobe Premiere CS6, This is especially useful for cameras th..
  7. How to install Duik Bassel In After Effects CC 1. Go to Rainbox Production's https://www.rainboxprod.coop 2. Now got tools on the main menu and click on After effects on the drop down menu. What is called Look At in some 3D software and older versions of Duik is basically IK controlling an single element (Duik calls this a one-layer IK). To add a Look At on a layer with Duik, first select.

After Effects and Duik: setup your first characters! de Nicolas Dufresne - Durée : 5h18m 4.5. favori. The Official Character Rigging course with Duik Bassel. de Nicolas Dufresne - Durée : 8h56m 5. favori. Comprehensive animation course: principles, objects, characters. de Nicolas Dufresne - Durée : 8h20m 5. Le coin des bonnes affaires . Vente Flash ! favoris. Création de 8 Actions sous. I rigged my character in duik and started animating. At one point during the animation the character goes past the frame of the comp and when I leave that comp to go to the main comp (Which is bigger the part of the character cut off in the animating comp is still cut off) I tried increasing the comp size but it keeps breaking my puppet Duik Bassel. Rigging, animation, import/export of characters, props and cameras comprehensive tool set for After Effects. Forum rules Please read these rules and advices before posting. Before you ask any question about a tool, to avoid duplicates, please: Search for a solution in the available documentation for the tools. Some video tutorials and quicktips are available. You can make a search. Formations After Effects et DUIK. Formation After effects Spécialisation à l'animation et Duik; Formation After Effects Perfectionnement Passer de Duik 15 à Duik Bassel; Formation After Effects Perfectionnement Mise à Niveau Duik Bassel; Formation vidéo. Formation Vidéo Principes de prise de vue ; Formation Vidéo - L'ATELIE

Installation - Duik Bassel

Solved: Can't install DUIK - Adobe Support Community - 835480

Hors lorsque j'ouvre Duik la première fois, il m'installe de manière sauvage un répertoire Duik Bassel.2 à la racine de Documents avec les fichiers .json de traduction, le log et le fichier de réglage. Hors, même en changeant le répertoire du fichier de réglage dans les options, il ne fait que le dupliquer ailleurs. Quand je supprime le répertoire, il me le réinstalle à chaque. To install Duik Bassel, just unzip the files to the ScriptUI Panels of After Effects, Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels Mac OS: /Applications/Adobe After Effects CC/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels 2) Animation Composer Animation Composer contains motion presets, precomps and sounds that you can use in your projects. Everything is super-easy to. An alternative to Duik Bassel is Rubberhose 2 from BattleAxe. Rubberhose 2 simplifies character rigging and allows you to create a fully working IK limb, from just one click of a button. Rubberhose 2 make the process of making a Character animation incredibly simple! It's definitely checking out. Check it out here: https://www.battleaxe.co.

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Comment animer un personnage sur After Effect ? - Tutoriel

Duik After Effects Designing Character with Duik Plugi

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